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Happy Kit: Organizing kit / bullet journal – to print


Happy kit : my organizing kit to print

 I have recently created an organizing kit to help me regain motivation. So I’m so happy to share my “Happy Kit” with you! A planner kit that you can find for free on my blog. This monthly organizing kit contains print sheets so you can stick to your goals and be the best version of yourself on a daily basis.

An organizing kit to become the best version of yourself


A weekly planner with a to-do list, an activity tracker to better track your habits, a shopping list to complete, a space of to fill out your gratitudes, a mood tracker and a space to organize your menus and workout.  

a monthly planner

An universal monthly planner to complete and adapt to get an overview, look back at your happy moments of the month, write down your goals, set a saving goal. You can also take part in the challenge of the month! 

to-do list

A special printable sheet to rate and follow your to-do by project or goal


An organizing kit to...

Make room for you and your dreams 

Organize yourself, set your priorities and simplify your life

Say goodbye to procrastination and regain the strength to pursue

Write and lay down your ideas to develop a real commitment to yourself! 

Make room, “destock” your mind to live your life better and achieve your goals 

Change your long-term habits and follow your wellness routine with the activity tracker 

Challenge yourself, regain self-confidence and evaluate your progress

1 month = 1 happy challenge

Find the challenges here.

Ready ?

Don’t hesitate to identify me on social networks, if you use it and if you take up the challenge of the month. REALLY, I’ll be so glad to see those little printables at work! If you’re new around here, don’t hesitate to support me and follow me on social media.

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A line = a good habit to track every day. For example, doing your workout, practicing meditation or reading. Note all the good habits that you want to incorporate into your routine and check the box of the day when you respect it. It will motivate you not to let go! 

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Bullet journal to print