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Morning routine : 4 reasons not to touch your phone



⚡ What’s your morning routine ? What is the first thing you usually do when you open your eyes in the morning? If your first action is to systematically check up your phone, then give up this nasty habit right away. Really.

If your morning routine is touching your phone when you wake up, I can tell you that you’re literally ruining your day. You’re ruining your good humor, your productivity and your mind. Just that.

Tell me: what good is it to spend again and again the same day of demotivating without objectives?

It’s tempting, I know, very tempting. View messages, notifications, news on Instagram, Facebook, Gmail… the scroll call is strong. It’s itchy, it eats us from the inside (hehe I see you smiling the instagram addict hidden behind the screen).

And yet we would gain so much more to drop it a few hours to devote ourselves to more essential things. By looking at our phone when we wake up, we lose a lot of time to focus on futile, even useless things, which by the way are not actually there. All this to postpone, what you can do during this important moment of your day.  

The first hour of the day is crucial. This is where everything is played out. Hence the interest of developing an effective morning routine. It will determine and define your mood throughout the day. So, watching your phone in the morning will directly affect your emotions. I don’t tell you how! It wouldn’t be better to ruin it, would it? Unless spending long and sullen days is your hobby, in this case free to you to do so. But if you want to feel healthy, cheerful and energy-filled, put this phone aside.

To change this routine, you just have to make the first hour of your day, the most important time. You must therefore consider this first hour as sacred; you no longer have the right to waste it by going to scroll on Instagram, no. Instead, you’ll have to dedicate it to more essential actions, those that will have positive impacts on your mind and body. This brings us to our second challenge (the first challenge is here if you missed it).

⚡ Challenge #2: changing your morning routine by releasing your phone, the first hour of the day 

Morning routinev: less stress

Who says no phone, says byby the stress! We’re not going to miss him.

By looking at our phone in the morning, we get lost in thoughts that are gnating at us. As soon as you wake up, you have this strong desire to read this text message, this news that appeals to you, these emails by ten that say you “hello”. 

Honestly, who wants this in the morning? no one! So, get up and just enjoy your day away from these tricks that will catch you anyway. 

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morning routine

Morning routine : less comparisons

As soon as we open Instagram, we scroll and hop, here we go, we open the door to the comparison!

It happens to me too, I reassure you. Instagram has good sides, it allows me to share my passion, to meet beautiful people and to be inspired but it has its lot of demons too, which I try to avoid. 

In the morning, seeing the daily dreams of those Instagrammers, the perfect bodies and the healthy bowls of those fitgirls, those heavenly landscapes that make us dream, we end up believing that everyone has a great life except us. NOT TRUE. I am here to tell you that this is not real life. Everyone has their problems and we choose to show only the positive. But this is not the subject here, I would have the opportunity to address it in another article.

For the time being, we learn to close our phone in the morning and say no to social media to be better.  

Morning routine : increase your productivity

The first hour of the day is the perfect niche to visualize both our daily goals and our life goals. We are motivated to start this day in a good mood because we have in mind the reasons that push us to get up, to go to work, and to give everything. Do you visualize your dreams, your goals? Do you feel them?  

They deserve to have a place in your day, away from the hubbub and your negative thoughts.

Attack your day motivated, to redouble your efforts and productivity!  

Morning routine : more time to focus on positive actions

It is important to include in your morning routine some positive and motivating rituals to get off on the right foot. Apart from being in a virtual world, there are plenty other interesting things to do. I do, I assure you. For example, you can tell someone that you love him/her, meditate, draw, hold your  journal, write your wildest dreams, read a chapter of your favorite book, practice sport, stretch, take and enjoy your breakfast in full mindfulness without sound and distraction.

It is up to you to choose and define a routine that suits you and that will give you all the energy to attack your day.

End of the challenge 2 of the Happiness in stock! One of the next challenges will be to define your morning routine. I would quickly come back in more detail about mine in an article. It will give you some ideas to create your own.  

Do not hesitate to tell me in comment what you thought of the article and to share it on social media. Share the love!

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morning routine

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Do you have a morning routine ? 

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  1. I always wanted to be a morning person but I am guilty of this, it’s like I wake up bored. You think there’s no harm in it, but sometimes there is. Tomorrow I’m going to Journal instead.

  2. I loved reading this! It’s such a bad habit reaching for the phone that it’s almost become automatic. You give some awesome tips!

  3. I have a bad habit of doing this! This post really challenged me not to touch my phone in the morning anymore! Thank you!

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