Happy challenge #3: define your goals (free printable)


Who says new month, says new challenge on the blog! 🌈

The new year is already coming to the tip of its nose (where else, by the time you read this article, it may have already begun). In any case, it is always good to take few minutes to define the goals that will accompany you and guide you through the year. And like each of my happy challenges, this article is accompanied by a printable that will help you to engage, follow and keep the goals you have defined.

These challenges, I create them above all for all those who like me need a good boost and tools to develop and become its best version on a daily basis.

This is the first time I will be taking part in the exercise. Concretely setting my goals over a year, I never really took the time to do so. I have fairly general and global goals. That said, dissecting them into smaller annual goals, I’ve never done it. But it’s never too late! I know for a fact that doing the exercise will help me and help you to have a course!

I realize that this year in particular, I lost my leadership. I was really lost and on all levels, I stagnated, I did the spot. I was moving forward without really having a clear vision and I had no plan. It’s like I’m walking on sight with a ton of fog in front of me. With that, you can be sure, I didn’t get very far. I had dreams, but I didn’t have the tools to make them happen.

This year, I would not make the same mistake again! That’s why I thought about creating this goal sheet. It’s a roadmap that will guide you for 2020. It is divided into three types of objectives:

>> Personal goals

>> Professional goals

>> Physical goals

For each of the categories, I invite you to define 8 objectives. If you have more, don’t hesitate to print the card in two ;). To define your goals, sit down and take the time to get comfortable in a quiet place (and why not with a diffuser of essential oils and background music). Ask yourself the question and ask yourself concretely for these three categories, who do I want to be? What do I want to achieve?

This can be from the simplest to the biggest goals. For example, for me it will be about being more regular on meditation, getting up early for the personal side. For the physical side, it will be mainly to focus on certain yoga postures that I dream so much to be able to master.

It’s up to you! Print out your roadmap, take a moment and fill it with all the goals you want to accomplish this year. Keep in mind that these goals must be able to be achieved over the year. Don’t set goals that are too global. They must be sufficiently precise, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a deadline. Otherwise, you’ll get discouraged! And above all keep the printable somewhere to follow your evolution and take stock every quarter and at the end of the year with the small checklist.

If you missed the challenge #2 that invites you to list your 5 bad habits to give up, find the article just HERE.

In any case, I wish you to achieve your goals successfully and to flourish!

My best wishes for this new year. You can do it!


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Happy challenge #3: define your goals (free printable)

Manon Hoareau

☼ Je suis Manon, passionnée de mouvements, de voyages, de yoga, de spiritualité, de choses simples. J'ai découvert la saveur unique de vivre en harmonie avec mon corps, mon esprit, mon coeur, mes émotions. Le yoga est un voyage en pleine conscience, une aventure pour aller à la découverte de soi et de sa magie, un voyage unique que j'ai à souhait de te faire découvrir. Je t'invite au quotidien à vivre en pleine conscience, authenticité et à entreprendre ce chemin de vie à la découverte de soi.

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