happy challenge 2

Happy challenge #2: 5 habits to give up (+ printable)



This month, I invite you to list the 5 bad habits you want to give up. A great challenge to take on to regain control of your daily life! When you let your bad habits take over, they completely block your path to success. Getting rid of these habits requires a little willpower and a work on yourself, but it’s worth it! 

Let us leave to the past these habits of everyday life that prevent us from moving forward and being at the top of our version by identifying and listing them!

You can download your printable of the month without further delay and take up the challenge:

In lack of inspiration? Here are some habits that you can start to erase from your list:

  • Always compare yourself to others
  • Caring too much about other’s opinion
  • Cultivate negative thoughts daily
  • Constantly be on the quest for perfection
  • Procrastinating!
  • Constantly craving for approval and validation
  • Always looking to control everything
  • Waiting for your situation to change
  • Looking for a reason to get started
  • Say yes when you want to say no
  • … and the list can be long, I let you complete your list 😉

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Manon Hoareau

☼ Je suis Manon, passionnée de mouvements, de voyages, de yoga, de spiritualité, de choses simples. J'ai découvert la saveur unique de vivre en harmonie avec mon corps, mon esprit, mon coeur, mes émotions. Le yoga est un voyage en pleine conscience, une aventure pour aller à la découverte de soi et de sa magie, un voyage unique que j'ai à souhait de te faire découvrir. Je t'invite au quotidien à vivre en pleine conscience, authenticité et à entreprendre ce chemin de vie à la découverte de soi.

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