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The challenge that will change your life



⚡ Good news: you can decide to change your life and it’s totally up to you! 

Hey you! You there, behind your computer or your phone, who wonders (or not) if this article is really worth the read. If this article could really change something to my life or if it’s still a carpet salesman talk to change your life 😂?  Change your life, no, I can’t, I would be unable. I am already working on mine (haha). But you, yes, you have the power. And that’s just the whole point of this happiness in stock challenge (which at the base was more about gratitude, but the perimeter is widening!). Because happiness, we all have in stock (we have plenty!). It just requires a job on your own, to reassort them.

It’s like in a store, the stocks are always in the back in a dark room, enclosed, disorganized… they are waiting to be unpacked to be able to become beautiful goods, exposed in the shelves. Exposed to your eyes. My goal through this challenge will be to help you to unstore them. to change your life. 

Enough with the jokes, the revolution has begun. It’s time to stop listening to those thoughts that stand in our way and to destroy those fears that auto sabotage us.

If you read this article, it is that you are not totally in tune with yourself or you cannot achieve your life goals. Your negative thoughts take precedence over the positive on a daily basis. Whether it’s about you or the world around you. You are often (all the time) too yourself. You’re exhausted by your routine. And I can understand you.  Lack of self-confidence, not enough self-esteem, lack of recognition, daily fatigue… many reasons can explain this constant fatigue. That mental load.

You’re still here, reading this article because you know deep down, there’s a real disconnect between you and what you’d like to live and be. You have this little lump in your belly that does not let go of a hair every morning before going to work. You are morally tired and no longer have the courage to start things, to start, to try new experiences, to go to meet people, because what good is it?

You’re stuck in this vicious circle.  Your little fears and your daily brakes prevent you from moving forward. You don’t feel capable of doing beautiful things. You just don’t feel fulfilled. You always compare yourself to others by asking why others. And always this question comes back to you: why not me?

In fact, whatever the reason for this need for change, this need that sticks to the sneakers to change your life (resign from his job, have a healthier life, go to sport, travel…), the finality is there: be happier, well in his head and explore all his potential to move mountains! 

“I have a roof, a job, I have the chance to follow studies, to have friends, to enjoy my family”… but something is missing. This little something that prevents you from really exist, to express yourself, to let go, to have confidence, to live fully and simply every moment without this existential weight… And you know what? You deserve it. 

Where is happiness?

Stop looking for him, he’s right there. Good news…

“We are creating our own reality and we can create it as it pleases us. “

So if I choose to believe that life is difficult and always full of fogging, that the world in which we live is ruined and that we can no longer do anything for him, then this is the vision that you have chosen to pursue every day. You chose it, nobody else. We can be influenced, Yes. But in the end, you’re always the master of your reality.

“However, if you do not like to suffer for nothing and if you want to have a good time during your stay on the planet, you have every freedom to believe that your world is a warm and loving place where you just have to ask to receive. And it will be so, it’s as simple as that! “Barefoot doctor.

To transform your existence, change your life as they say… It is essential to believe in something great, exceptional, unique. Even if you can hardly see the horizon of this dream. You agree with me, don’t you? Otherwise what good?

Unless of course the existence you are leading suits you perfectly and in this case, no need to continue reading!

The goal of this happiness in stock challenge will be to share your actions, exercises and motivations every month for more smiles and a good mood on a daily basis. Eventually, the reconnection with your inner self will be (Amen), your desires will be at hand or practically, you have transformed your reality into a life goal. A reality in which you believe and want to enrich even more every day. You wanted to change your life? You’ve started! 

The first challenge will be to list all these objectives to define what you want to live during your existence (the one and only): what do you wish and who do you want to be?

⚡ Challenge #1: 

I invite you to list 3 goals and keep them in mind for the next article

Remember, you’re free to want and be what you want, you just need to believe it.

In any case, I wish you courage in your quest for a more positive reality and especially in tune with your wildest desires. Keep in mind that the work always pays, that you have nothing without anything, and that the important thing is not to succeed in doing something once but to succeed in exercising it over time.

If you ever want to share your 3 goals in comments or private message on the RS, do not hesitate, I would be delighted to read you and give you my support.

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Manon Hoareau

☼ Je suis Manon, passionnée de mouvements, de voyages, de yoga, de spiritualité, de choses simples. J'ai découvert la saveur unique de vivre en harmonie avec mon corps, mon esprit, mon coeur, mes émotions. Le yoga est un voyage en pleine conscience, une aventure pour aller à la découverte de soi et de sa magie, un voyage unique que j'ai à souhait de te faire découvrir. Je t'invite au quotidien à vivre en pleine conscience, authenticité et à entreprendre ce chemin de vie à la découverte de soi.

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