Blue Bay-Mauritius, the Guide: what to do, where to sleep, what budget


⚡ Are you flying to Blue Bay in Mauritius soon? This guide is for you! Discover all my tips to prepare your stay in blue paradise!

A trip to Mauritius, it’s already the promise to be amazed! If you are lucky enough to spend a few days in Blue Bay, then you will certainly not be disappointed.  Wonder assured, that’s for sure! Blue Bay is the certainty of seeing life in blue and that, every day: the blue of the sky, the blue of its lagoon… It’s just pure magic for all ocean lovers like me. This little corner of paradise is not called Blue Bay for nothing. 😉

Blue Bay is located in the southeast of Mauritius a few kilometers from Mahébourg. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is just 4.3 miles away. Barely arrived, we already put on our fins to explore the exceptional marine flora and fauna of Blue Bay (Yes it is indeed the case to say ahah, that’s what we did). Beyond its beautiful beaches that counts Mauritius, its coral reef and the richness of its lagoon are just unbelievable! This is what I preferred during my stay, I became passionate! 

The daily routine in Blue Bay?  Get up with the sound of the ocean, contemplate the movements of the morning breeze in the coconut leaves, admire and not get tired of this unique view worthy of a postcard, swallow a good breakfast and hop, plunge into the turquoise water and translucent with fish, the absolute dream!

When to go?

As all the islands of the Indian Ocean, the month of January and February are to be avoided due to the cyclonic period. Between June and September, it is the austral winter (always very mild I reassure you, just a little more freshness in the evening). Always prefer the off school holidays periods, otherwise hello people! Periods to be preferred: from April to June and from September to November.

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What to do in Blue Bay?

Snorkeling and diving

Blue Bay is known unanimously for the richness of its seabed. All diving enthusiasts will be served! But if you are not comfortable diving, no worries, put on your snorkel-fins and discover the fishes and coral with a thousand and one colors (attention, the funds dig quickly and brutally up to 50 meters depth, do not go never beyond the nets). I recommend the boat rides with glass bottom (reservations are possible near the beach of Blue Bay. If you are at the hotel, the activities of this type are generally offered free of charge). They will take you directly to the best spots to watch the fishes and coral (from the boat if you are chilly). In any case, believe me, it’s just a blue dream! The beauty of the Blue Bay seabed has marked me for life. And I’ll come back, that’s for sure.

Other water activities possible (also offered free of charge according to the hotel): kayak, paddle (attention, the current is strong enough), pedalo…

Sea trips

Don’t miss the Ile aux Cerf! Several small local businesses will offer outings to the day with the key to the visit of several Islands (in package, to see so what you want to see): Aigrettes Island, Ile de La Passe, Ile aux Cerfs, Ilets aux Deux Cocos (which I do not recommend, it is a private island that you can admire right in front of Blue Bay. For free, you can enjoy only the small beach that does not have any corner of shade and of course it is crowded! Otherwise, you have to pay to be able to access the privatized part (restaurant and bar)). These day trips are offered with BBQ lunch and drinks-alcohol throughout the day. In General, you will be a dozen people on the boat and some offer you during the trip a snorkeling session. It’s up to you to see what excursion is best for you.
I went on an excursion with Harold and Maryse, from Blue Bay to visit Ile aux Cerfs,  Aigrettes Island (just the passage on the coasts of the island, to visit this nature reserve, you will have to go to Pointe Jérôme where departures are organized daily) and the Lighthouse Island (Ile au Phare). 

Other recommandation:

Angel Cruises Mauritius ( bonus: they have an underwater/Drone photoshooting service on board, I didn’t have the chance to book with them but I will definitely give it a try next time).

I booked on site directly on Blue Bay Beach. If you are there for several days, no need to book upstream. If you are passing a day or two, consider booking and viewing the reviews on trip Advisor.

Visit Mahébourg

Mahébourg it’s only 10 minutes away from Blue Bay by bus.

Do not miss:

⚡ The market right next to the bus station

⚡ Good to know: the Mahébourg fair takes place every Monday morning

What to do around

⚡ The visit of the Bois Chéri tea fields

⚡ The Chamarel waterfall

⚡ The land of the 7 colors (for having done it, I do not recommend this place which is actually on a private land. You have to pay a compulsory entrance with a visit in quad or Jeep or Tyrolean (so not at all freedom of access but if the sport of sensation interests you, it is a good alternative) and this famous land of the 7 colors is not so surprising that it , it’s even disappointing…) 

⚡ The sacred Lake of Grand Bassin

⚡ Rose Belle

⚡ Gris Gris Beach

How to get around Blue Bay?

You can easily travel by bus on the main axes of Mauritius to travel the island. This is the cheapest but also the longest option. If you are not in a hurry, it is a great experience to live to be closer to the locals!

Avoid taxis in front of the hotel that will offer you rates much more expensive than those outside.

If you have a visit in mind, prefer the taxi that will take you to the various tourist places of your choice (we did it to visit the sacred Lake of Grand Bassin, the fields of tea, the land of the 7 colors and the visit of the South Coast).

You also have the option of group excursions and mini-van (that said, which says organized exit, says less freedom).

It is also possible to rent cars.

I don’t recommend Scouters. Several accidents have taken place. 

What to eat in Mauritius?

Mauritius also has a very rich culinary culture. Its cuisine is mixed, tasty and delicious. Here is a selection of some Mauritian specialities not to be missed during your stay! Special mention for the Dhall purri and the inverted Bowl. The reunion cuisine is similar to that of Mauritius, but still with a beautiful cultural distinction!

⚡ Le bol renversé: rice, sautéed vegetables, accompanied by a meat or shrimp and an egg on top. It is arranged in a bowl before being returned to the plate.

⚡ Brianis: saffron rice, with either beef, chicken or fish, combined with spices and vegetables

⚡ The fried mine: Chinese noodles Sauted with vegetables, with eggs, shrimp and chicken with garlic sauce

⚡ The fish vindaye: fried macerated fish, sautéed with onions, garlic and vinegar. To be tasted with bread or rice

⚡ The dhall Puri: savoury pancakes made with chickpeas stuffed with big yellow peas, chatini, rougail and chilli for the toughest!

⚡ Gateaux piment: a mixture of pea-based paste, chili pepper and spices, fried in oil

⚡ Mauritian Curry: Indian food is a passion for me, so in Mauritius I am served every time! The Masala is the basis of Mauritian cuisine. Curry eggplant, large peas, chicken… the choice is not lacking. The base of Mauritian Curry is made up of tomatoes, garlic, turmeric, Curry leaves (kaloupilé) and curry powder

⚡ The Roti: round patties of Indian origin, the garnish is choice: a Curry, a little vegetable, chilli… Just like the dhall purri, it is very consumed in Mauritius, it is found at every corner of the street

Where to sleep in Blue Bay?

It all depends on the type of holiday you want to spend and your budget.

My stay in Blue Bay, I wanted it in relaxing and lounging mode. We have therefore privileged the hotel with an all inclusive formula (Yes, we had fun ahah).

We chose the peninsula Bay Beach Resort.

⚡ Highlights: the water activities offered, its proximity to the beach of Blue Bay, the animations offered during the day and evening (fitness classes, beach volleyball, cooking classes, courses of Maloya, karaoke…)., a very appreciable point since the nightlife in Blue Bay is very little animated, if at all!

⚡ Weaknesses: cocktails a little too low-end, redundant buffet, lack of typical dishes

It was not the luxury hotel, to tell the truth, it was closer to a Club Med, in any case, we still enjoyed our stay!

If the hotel is not your hobby, Blue Bay is full of furnished accommodation for tourists. You also have the Airbnb option.

What budget for Mauritius?

To give you an idea of the budget spending on the spot in Blue Bay, here are some price ranges:

⚡ Hotel and flight: 755 euros (combined formula, from reunion). I invite you to check out this site to find the best deals: Last Minute

⚡ Outings-day trips to the sea: 60 euros (2500 rupees roughly for visiting the neighboring islands)

⚡ Glass bottom boat: 8 euros for 1h (350 rupees)

⚡ Taxis for day trip: 50 euros for 2 people (2000 rupees roughly)

⚡ Bus: 6 cents a go (24 rupees)

⚡ Purchases-gifts (bracelets, souvenirs): about 20 euros

⚡ Dhall purri: 50 cents (25-30 rupees)

Some tips on the spot

Drone: If you have a drone, you will not be able to fly it to Blue Bay (which is in no flying zone, due to planes that take off and land just above every 30 minutes…). We tried and we almost made him crash in the water…

You will be able to say it fly on the nearby islands (Ile aux CERF for example).

⚡ Do not miss every Sunday, the traditional Mauritian Sunday picnic, below the filaos near the Blue Bay Beach. Most of them bring their instruments to play. The Maloya reigns in master and resonates on Blue Bay. A very nice live cabaret not to be missed.

⚡ Do not book taxis airport-hotel online upstream of your stay, the rates are really high for the ride (a 10-minute drive to go to Blue Bay). You can either take the bus out of the airport, feel free to ask for your way, or take a taxi on site by negotiating a fare.


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So, ready to fly to Blue Bay?  ♡

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Do not hesitate to complete this guide in comments if you have ever visited Blue Bay and you have other tips;).

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